Energy Service Company

We are a local Energy Service Company, which means we supply through your utility company. We offer our exclusive Total Energy Program, which has three great benefits

Price Protection Program

Price Protection Program – this protects you from surging energy and gas prices during peak seasons by guaranteeing a set price for the duration of your contract.

Clean Energy Program

Clean Energy Program – Our clean energy program is a commitment on behalf of our customers to purchase up to 50% of our energy supply from clean energy sources such as wind and hydropower via Renewable Energy Certificates. These renewable resources are pollution free, naturally replenished and help preserve the environment for future generations.

LED Program

LED Program – When you enroll for our 24-month plan, we will send you a box of 4-A19 bulbs in your first month of active service and then another box of bulbs after your 6th, 12th, and 18th bill with us as your supplier! Simply replace your non-LED bulbs with the LED bulbs we are providing and reduce your overall consumption of electricity, meaning lower delivery and supply charges!

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We are Servicing the Following Utilities

Con Edison, National Grid, Niagara Mohawk (NIMO), Orange and Rockland (O&R) and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E)